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New Delhi: A video of a 7-year-old boy claiming to be a Zomato delivery executive went viral on social media a few days ago. A Twitter user shared the video, claiming that the 7-year-old youngster was inspired by his father, who used to work as a delivery executive before being killed in an accident. Zomato informed the family that it will assist them in any manner imaginable.

Rahul Mittal, a Twitter user, tweeted a video of a 7-year-old youngster who walked up to his door to bring a meal item that he had ordered. Mittal was expecting a grown-up delivery man and was surprised to see a child at his home. The child is seen in the footage holding a chocolate package. Mittal can be heard asking the youngster about his father, to which the child responds that his father has been in an accident and is consequently unable to deliver the orders. According to the boy in the video, he goes to school in the morning but delivers orders until 11 p.m. in the evening.Read More: Paytm app goes down for some users, firm says ‘Network Error’

Zomato appeared to be completely ignorant of the situation. The food-delivery app was unaware that the youngster was working for his father, who had been employed as a delivery executive. According to a statement shared with Gadgets 360, Zomato has not taken any harsh action against the family for making a child work given their circumstances, but has instead educated them about the dangers of making a youngster work, as it is an obvious breach of regulations. Read More: Employee fired for 20 minutes delay in reaching office, netizens slam employer

“We appreciate the internet community for bringing this to our attention.” There are other infractions here, including child labour and deception, and we’ve educated the family on these grounds while not taking any stern action, keeping in mind the family’s situation,” a Zomato spokesperson stated. The company has also chosen to finance the child’s education, according to the spokesperson.

“Because the parent joined Zomato after his injury, the accidental help we provide to our active delivery partners cannot be offered to him.” As an exception and on humanitarian grounds, our personnel provided whatever assistance was available in the aforementioned situation,” a Zomato representative noted. According to Zomato, the boy is 14 years old, not 7 years old. Since its release, the viral video has received over 99,000 views on Twitter.

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